I aim to create freedom in movement.  To unwind the restrictions that are causing discomfort.  To empower you with self-awareness and assist in your journey of shaping a new body, able to move with ease.

Flat Out Relaxed combines remedial massage and corrective exercise to improve performance and reduce pain caused from muscle imbalance.  It is for the athlete, gardener, tradesman, weekend walker, office worker, mother and you.  Massage and mobilisation techniques are used to release tension and lengthen over-active muscles.  Then specific exercises, targeted at strengthening weak areas, lead on to improving movement patterns and developing pain-free movement.

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“This is expert massage therapy wrapped in thoughtful individualised advice – an essential part of my self care in a hectic life of work and play.”

Christine, 49, GP


“I’d like to thank you for the tremendous help and relief you have given me.  Since I started seeing you for remedial massage my back pain has so much improved.  Your exercises are so helpful and keep me mobile.  Your attention to detail and thorough knowledge, as well as your professional and friendly approach is highly appreciated.  I have no hesitation at all to recommend you to all my friends.”



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